anthropologically intriguing (clumsy_chord) wrote in craftopolis,
anthropologically intriguing

Birthday Block - April 27

I'm a part of a group - birthday_blocks - where we make a block for each participant on her birthday. And then on our birthday, we get a block from each person.

This is my block for oregonsurfers, a Variable Star:

The request was for a star block in maroon, dark green, and cream. I don't know that I quite managed maroon (what colour is maroon anyway?) and I know I didn't get a dark green, but I hope she likes it anyway.
Tags: exchange blocks, quilt blocks, quilting
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lol - I wondered who made this block! That's so funny. I picked this same pattern for oregonsurfers and then she posted all her blocks together and I noticed this one because it was the same one I did. We have such good taste! ;^)

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It's a good looking block. And I really like the fabric that's in between the star points in the red.

Actually, that would look really great in a (mostly) monotone quilt, with just a couple of these blocks with that red in it. I sometimes think about doing something like that in black and white, with bits of red (and have something drawn up in EQ5) but I have too many unfinished projects to start it. Even though I already have the fabric.